Pet Ashes

Losing a furry friend is incredibly heartbreaking. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird, or other animal, they have played a huge part of our lives - being by our side when life was difficult, putting a smile on our faces when they've done something silly, or just greeting us and looking so happy whenever we get home.
Your pet's ashes mixed with crushed opals of your choosing, infused into our cremation rings or our 18k Rose Gold necklaces & bracelets, is a subtle way to immortalise the memory of your pet as a promise to honour and keep them with you always - in the form of a memorial or remembrance ring/necklace/bracelet.
Be it wearing it around your finger, wrist, or around your neck close to your heart, our cremation rings and keepsake jewellery necklaces and bracelets become a daily reminder of the deep connection you have shared with the pet whose journey has come to an end.
All of our beautiful keepsake jewellery for pet ashes is individually and respectfully handcrafted in Singapore from the finest materials.

Pet ashes can be requested from the crematorium or funeral parlours here in Singapore to create these keepsake jewellery.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
How much ashes is needed for 1 piece of keepsake jewellery?
Just 1 gram (or 1/3 teaspoon) of fine, powdered ashes is sufficient.
What can I do if there is no cremation?
A few strands of fur is enough for us to safely preserve such a precious memory. We will turn the fur into ashes before infusing it into our keepsake jewellery.
What happens if I do not have ashes or hair?
A part of a personal belonging of the pet who has departed, or something special that you and your pet has shared, can be turned into ashes and infused into the keepsake jewellery. Please drop us an email at to enquire about this

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