Do I place my order before sending the ashes over?
Yes. Only after you have placed an order will you be notified on how you can send the ashes over. Your order number will also make it easier for us to keep track of the ring and ashes. Alternatively, you can contact us at by clicking on the Whatsapp widget on the bottom-right of this page to reach out to us directly and schedule an appointment to see our samples before making a purchase.
What happens after I order a keepsake jewellery from your shop?
You will receive an automated confirmation of your purchase together with the details of how you can send the ashes over. We will send you another notification once we have received the ashes.
How do I get the ashes?
Human ashes and pet ashes can be requested from the crematorium or funeral parlours here in Singapore to create these keepsake jewellery.

How much ashes is needed for 1 piece of keepsake jewellery?
Just 1 gram (or 1/3 teaspoon) of fine, powdered ashes is sufficient to make a ring, necklace, or bracelet.
Any remaining ashes not used will be returned to you.
What can I do if there is no cremation?
A strand of hair/fur is enough for us to safely preserve such a precious memory to make these memorial jewellery. We will turn the hair into ashes before infusing it into the ring. However if possible, do send at least 5 strands of hair/fur.
What happens if I do not have ashes or hair?
A part of a personal belonging of the person/pet who has departed, or something special that you and your loved one have shared can be turned into ashes and infused into the ring. Please drop us an email at hello@apart.sg to enquire about this.
How long will it take for me to receive the keepsake jewellery after purchase?
You will receive the jewellery and the remaining ashes anywhere between 2-6 weeks after we have received the ashes.
Can I wear my ring all the time, even when swimming or taking a shower?
Definitely. Our rings are designed to be always be by your side. However, we would advice you to take off the Sterling silver rings before showering/swimming.

Can I wear my 18k Rose Gold collection when swimming/showering?
We would advice you NOT to let the jewellery get wet, and to be handled with care.

How do I know my ring size?
Our rings are in accordance with the US ring sizes. Alternatively, you could head down to the nearest jewellery shop to get your sizing before placing an order. You could also schedule an appointment with us at b clicking on the Whatsapp widget on the bottom-right of this page to reach out to us directly to try it on first before making an order.

Click the Whatsapp widget on the bottom-right of this page to reach out to us directly!