Collection: FREEDOM Collection

Introducing the "FREEDOM Collection" where our 18k Rose Gold Butterfly Jewellery is crafted with exquisite detail and care topped with a perfectly cut mother-of-pearl, becomes more than just an accessory; it becomes a tangible connection to a loved one who has passed on. Each delicate wing and intricate pattern symbolizes the soul's transcendence from earthly constraints to a state of eternal freedom and grace. For those who wear our butterfly keepsake, it serves as a comforting reminder that their loved one's spirit lives on, forever transformed and unbound by the limitations of the physical world. Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, their departed soul has undergone a beautiful metamorphosis, embracing a new existence filled with lightness, beauty, and boundless possibility.

Your loved one’s ashes/bones/hair/fur infused into our keepsake jewellery and topped with a perfectly cut mother-of-pearl, is a subtle way to immortalise the memory of your loved one as a promise to honour and keep them with you always. 

Our FREEDOM Collection becomes a daily reminder of the deep connection you have shared with the loved one whose journey has come to an end.

All of our beautiful keepsake jewellery is individually and respectfully handcrafted in Singapore from the finest materials. We document the entire process of making each piece of memorial jewellery so our clients will have the assurance that the ashes passed to us have gone into the it. Photos will be sent upon collection.

Human ashes and pet ashes can be requested from the crematorium or funeral parlours here in Singapore to create these memorial jewellery.

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